Is something you naturally offer to others.

Friends, family, even strangers are worthy recipients of your sensitivity and courtesy.

Being nice, thoughtful, generous, these are all traits you willingly afford to those around you.

It feels so good!

But have you noticed that you are last on your list to receive your own patience and understanding?

Self-compassion and acceptance just aren’t as readily available for yourself in any given situation.

Hear that nagging voice in your head?

The mean critic that is always ready with a negative remark about any little thing you do or say…

The one that withholds approval in the mirror, zeroing in on any perceived flaw..

Did you know there’s a way to soothe that relentless tyrant?

Would you like to discover what self-love can look and feel and sound like?

There’s a whole other way of being waiting for you.

Self-directed kindness beckons with a stretched out hand…


When you adopt gentler inner dialogue, the world literally becomes a better place.

While you experience the resulting deeper self-esteem you also model a priceless skill to others.

When you feel good about yourself your confidence grows on solid ground and is reflected in your work performance and attitude.

Self-sabotaging behaviour fades in the light of your investment in caring about yourself .

Practicing self-directed patience and empathy enables these same gifts to be more genuinely available for you to afford colleagues and family.

You’ll naturally prefer to exercise healthy boundaries while creating supportive collaborative environments.

Words have power.

Words have energy. They have consequences.

You’ll be shocked at how much you don’t even notice you’re putting yourself down anymore.

You can develop awareness that leads you out of this bad habit.

Inform and correct the distorted beliefs that fuel your judgments.


Learning to love yourself through kindness.

Experiencing soothing relief from this emotional storm.

Gaining appreciation for what is absolutely fine about you.

Exploring what ‘good enough’ looks like.

Understanding that self-acceptance is the road to LOVE.

Nurturing THE MOST IMPORTANT relationship of your life.

Laila's Invitation

Here is an alternative paradigm for you to move into self acceptance NOW.

To be OK with yourself NOW.

It’s what I’ve learned to do no matter the number associated with age, weight, tummy rolls or thinning hair.

To accept who I am, cherries pits and all.

Believe me it’s the best feeling to be embracing rather than resisting where I stand and how I look.

It’s actually working. Women who have participated in my programs are seeing signs of self-esteem sprouting.

Self love is blossoming.

It’s your lens that needs changing, your perspective, your expectations.

You are actually just fine and fabulous just as you are.

I’m here ready and willing with a lifetime of personal, and decades of professional experience on the road that leads to abiding self-love.

Please consider my invitation, and accept a helping hand to feel good about your self.

Everyone in your life will thank you for it when you return reconnected to your glorious self.


One and two hour sessions $199* per hour includes HST

Three hour Introductory Self-Discovery workshops $579* for the first workshop includes HST

One day intensive Personal Growth or Individual Relationship Patterns Workshops $899* for 5 hour workshops includes HST

Two day intensive Self-Discovery Or Individual Relationship Patterns Workshops $1,799* for 10 hour workshops includes HST

PayPal, credit cards and Canadian email interac transfers are accepted as payment and due at time of scheduling.

* HST is included in all fees. Extended health benefits do not cover these sessions.

Your PRIVATE program will be scheduled and tailored to your needs.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for pre paid scheduled session, however they can be rescheduled within 6 months of original canceled date.