Laila Ghattas leads an adventurous life inside and out. Risks, choices and experiences both big and small have shaped her approach to life and healing- here are a few: Laila climbed and slept of top of Mount Sinai, watching the sun rise on the spot the Burning Bush is believed to have stood.

She cycled through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, with a grueling ascension to Moraine Lake and came face to face with mind limiting beliefs as she conquered them.

Laila trekked through the Himalaya and has gazed on Mount Everest as well as camped under the moonlit Annapurna mountain range. She witnessed a cremation as she rafted down the Trisuli River and spotted a rhino while riding on elephant back in the Chitawan jungle in Nepal.

Laila discovered sea kayaking on the shores of Georgian Bay, US Virgin Islands and Lake Superior, all of which inspired her to cross the planet and offer the first international AHA Personal Growth sea kayaking retreat exploring the Australian Myall Lakes leading to the Pacific.

Laila revisited her Egyptian roots and stood at the foot of the great Pyramids of Giza, gazed at the stars between the towering columns of Karnac Temple and entered the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Laila was followed by a white butterfly as she explored the Greek Parthenon the morning after her mother passed on, an ocean away.

Laila left an 18 year career in the Graphic Arts industry to follow her healing call after concurrently studying part time for 14 years in the healing fields of Usui Reiki, Gestalt Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. She then created Aziza Healing Adventures.

Each year Laila steadfastly seeks to learn universal mysteries and understand spiritual truths with the guidance of Balinese High Priests and traditional Shaman.

Laila Ghattas passionately believes that choosing to be awake in this world, to be open, truly open to experiencing the Here and Now, to allow and nurture the connection to the Divine in all things in your heart, and to surrender to where the call for healing leads, these together create a life worth living and relationships worth having.

All of Laila’s life adventures, inner choices and leaps of faith have lead to the commitment to serve true personal growth, where seekers come to deepen self-knowledge, expand self-love and embrace compassion so that lives may improve, relationships blossom, and the world becomes a better place one healed heart and soul at a time.

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