Self-confidence is one of the most important components of your journey towards Happiness.

Yet you may not be feeling all that strong in your own ability to live your life well, or fully, or with your personal truth.

Sometimes life is so busy, things are too hectic, you’re flapping around reacting to events and people, there’s just no time for reflection.

When you don’t feel connected to your centre, it’s hard to get a real sense of who you are.

When you don’t feel grounded, it’s easy to lose faith in your ability.

When you don’t spend time reflecting, it’s difficult to believe in yourself.

When you are faced with many decisions, you need to quiet your mind to consider the very best, most aligned choices.

When you are being stretched by life, if your self-confidence isn’t in place in appropriate measure to the challenges, things feel scary.

When you’re worried about your future and aren’t sure you can meet your needs, happiness feels like only a glimmer in a forgotten dream.

Here’s an invitation to take some time to fill up your well of confidence.

You can do this by making space to remember what you’re good at.

You can peruse your life successes, big, small, personal or public, and take stock.

You begin to actually feel better as you revisit what you’ve forgotten you’ve overcome to get where you are in this life.

When you make note and realign with your achievements in all the areas that matter -including emotional milestones – you begin to restore your confidence.

Brene Brown speaks of the marbles in the jar of Trust. Check into your self-trust jar, how many marbles would you put into it to reflect where you’re at right now?

Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you are a winner or a loser, you are correct.” That means our minds are designed to naturally and successfully find evidence to support whatever you believe about your self.


Isn’t it time to believe positively in your self?

Experience sacred space to reclaim tangible evidence of how great you really are.

Yes, YOU. Great. Try it on.

As well as able, smart, courageous, loving and loveable.

Reframe your past and rewrite your history from a loving point of view.

With a nurturing heart. With compassion, patience, and understanding.

Reclaim all you’ve done. Contribute to your self-worth.

Have the faith that you can do whatever it is that needs doing even if at this moment you are feeling confused and unsure.

Give yourself the gift of believing in your own ability to live your life well.

To do what needs doing well.

Be with your self in all your forgotten glory.


If you’re a self-employed small business owner, you need to constantly refill your confidence jar in order to gather up the courage and fortitude to keep going, experimenting, expanding, evolving.

If you’re an overworked parent, it’s so important to invest in discovering the truth inside you and boldly face the daily challenges of raising your most precious co-creation.

If you’re in a relationship, when you believe in who you are, what you’re about, what you offer, what your value is, these gems of perception not only feel amazing, you become a better partner to be around. Self-confidence is sexy.

Self-confidence is a building block towards self-love.

Self-confidence isn’t about boasting or being full of yourself.

It’s about being FULL WITH YOUR SELF.



Look at the details of your life and rediscover how amazing you are.


However hard that is to believe right now, get ready to feel so good about yourself.

John Travolta recounts a story of how after taking the garbage out as a youngster his mom said, “Look what a great job he did taking out the garbage, did you see what he just did? What an amazing boy!” He mentioned this in explaining why when an acting agent told him to try a different career, John thought the man was simply crazy wrong. The rejection didn’t touch him. That’s how much confidence his parents had built into his sense of self.

But as adults, we stop applauding ourselves. There’s no time left for appreciation. It’s day in and out of getting by and onto the next.

Slowly self-confidence erodes in the face of this neglect.

So take a moment to remember.

Like when you completed homework by yourself as a kid, not needing any help or prodding. Or walked home, got on a bus, rode a bicycle by yourself.

When you dared to fall in love for the first time. And got over heartbreak for the 3rd time.

Finishing a school course, or graduating from any institution.

Paying off your first or 10th loan.

Making your mom happy on her birthday. Choosing that first car.

Letting a friend see you cry. Asking for help.

Holding a personal boundary firm in the face of adversity

Daring to make a wave. Saying no.

Picking yourself up after a divorce.

Dusting yourself off after a job ended.

Fully grieving the death of a beloved.

Laughing out loud. Being seen as your self.

Giving yourself a break. Affording benefit of the doubt.

All of these life moments, whatever the size and significance, these are all part of what contribute to making you the extraordinary being that you are, able and ready, no matter how confused, stuck or scared you may feel today.

So go ahead, remember.

Remember you didn’t get here sleeping your way through life.

You are here now AS IS because of all that preceded in perfect unfolding to give you the ground you need to get up, lift off, and move forward. You just need to take the time to see, remember, embrace what is true about you.

Choose to see yourself as a winner. A winner in life. We’ll help you find an abundance of evidence to support your claim!

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