The stuff of life

The stuff of life can be found in our relationships.

Our most precious capacity as humans is to connect with one another in meaningful ways.

Being seen, heard, appreciated, respected, loved, accepted, celebrated, and offering the same in return truly make up the qualities of a life worth living.

Sometimes interruptions to feeling good occur in relationships.

Often feelings are uncomfortably familiar. You seem to keep repeating unhealthy behaviour and attracting the same problems despite attempts to stop.

Over and again conflict, misunderstanding and disappointment cycle through the weeks and years, interfering with fundamental contentment and happiness.

What to do?

This intensive exploratory workshop unveils the specific sources of your unconscious patterns.

You actually discover the blueprint that is unconsciously influencing your relationship beliefs and communication style.

Literally look at:

  • where your beliefs came from
  • what you unconsciously believe
  • how you are maintaining attitudes that interfere with your true expression of love and caring


With the truth inherent in the pictorial language of your soul!

Proven Expressive Art exercises are specifically designed to reveal insight and clarity into your unconscious relationship patterns.

No artistic skills are necessary for amazing results!

Through your creations you SEE:

  • what interfereswith your capacity to understand and be understood by another.
  • which assumptionsclutter your journey to joyful, healthy connections.
  • how the hiddenpast messes with your NOW.

Being truly CONSCIOUS in your relationships is your path to feast on the sweetest stuff of life. Dig in!

5 & 10 hour private workshops

Unconscious patterns can be cleared with awareness and insight. When you know better you do better as Maya Angelou wisely encouraged.

You can gain a semblance of control of how you respond and behave when you are clear on the influence that enters your NOW.

These workshops are simply amazing. You will leave with unexpected understanding and compassion for yourself and those in your intimate circle.

If you are solo or partnered, if you are family members needing a change, be reassured that understanding your unconscious patterns is the freedom you’ve been looking for.

Start with your parental blueprint, then move on how this foundation still affects your adult relationships.


Look deeply at the blue print you learned as a child about relating. It is upon this unconscious influence your relating style was built. Come on your own or with your partner.



Focus on exploring your adult relationships as they continue to follow the unconscious influence of your childhood model. Come on your own, with family or your partner.



When your partnership is not working as well as you’d like it is worth seeking professional help and attention.

What is more important than the health of your most intimate relationship?

Investing in your happiness is far less than maintaining a car, putting on a wedding, going on a honeymoon, and a fraction of an avoidable or unpleasant divorce.

You are SO worth it!!


COUPLES one day intensive Relationship Patterns Workshop 5 hours $1399* includes HST

COUPLES two day intensive Relationship Patterns Workshop 10 hour workshop $2,699* includes HST


INDIVIDUAL One day Relationship Patterns Workshops for 5 hours $899* includes HST

INDIVIDUAL Two day intensive Relationship
Patterns Workshops for 10 hour $1,799* includes HST

Multi day retreats for individuals, couples and private groups. Please email for rates.

Cash, interac transfers and credit cards are accepted as payment and due at time of scheduling.

* HST is included in the fees. Extended health benefits do not cover these sessions.

Your PRIVATE program is scheduled and tailored to your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds for session services, however they can be rescheduled within 6 months of original canceled date.