Laila Goddess Hero

Why a Clothing label?

Observing the alarming epidemic of body image issues in middle aged women, Happiness Specialist, Laila Ghattas, responded by launching her esteem nurturing brand in 2014: Laila Goddess Everywear.

This came after a decade of experimenting with custom tailored clothes made for her annually while working in Bali, styles and fabric choices that evolved with her own changing aging body.

Without intention Laila transformed her frumpy self-image into an elegant comfortable style. Her midlife frumpy blues were gone for good!

Laila’s vision expanded her healing practice to include Collections  that support women suffering from the same daily difficulties.

Laila committed to servicing a neglected market with flowing, generously cut, flattering styles in essential wardrobe pieces that make a difference to how you feel in your clothes and how you respond to any reflection that catches your eye.

Beyond style, Laila infuses the garments with meaningful luxury signature fabrics. In her very personal Lotus Collection, she synthesizes her photographs of lotus flowers with an original mantra born out of meditations with her Balinese Shaman, resulting in fabric designs that soothe and inspire.

The wisdom and insight gleaned from ancient mystical traditions beat at the heart of all she creates and shares.

The fusion of beloved images, divinely inspired words, elegant fabric design culminating in flattering functionality eclipses Laila’s previous dreams for creative and spiritual self-expression.

Honestly, though, it’s the stream of responses from the women wearing her clothes, who return time and again for more, delighting as they look in the mirror, enjoying gorgeous comfort, actually feeling beautiful again, changing their self-perception into something healthy and happy, that’s what fuels Laila’s passion for this very personal venture.



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