Are you:

Feeling low, lost, discouraged about a future that feels so out of control?

If you need help sorting through:

  • feeling stuck, confused
  • experiencing loss and discouragement
  • wanting more from your life
  • repeating the same old same old
  • transforming your inner critic
  • wanting relationship help
  • reducing stress and feeling empowered

Do you:

Wonder if there’s more to life than what is seen and heard. Connect to the BIGGER part of who you are?

Need to regain self-worth and determination to face career interests feeling  more whole, centered and optimistic?

Want to fortify your confidence in decision making and guidance for your beloved kids?

Our private personal growth and support sessions are here for you. Deepen your awareness of how you are and expand your self-knowledge through the unique combination of psychotherapy, expressive art and Reiki.


People starting out on their personal growth journey often don’t know how to value professional help.

If your own attempts to solve your issues and concerns haven’t given you the results you hoped for, please accept the support offered here.

The question to ask is: What is more important than the health of your emotional life?

Self-confidence is something you would like to feel more of and more often.

It’s the ingredient that can help you move forward, try something new, make a change towards life improvement.


Self-acceptance helps you use your voice on your own behalf, to say yes and no as required.

Just imagine being able to make and hold healthy boundaries;  have fewer regrets.

When you believe in your abilities, anything seems possible. You can reach past your hesitations and fears and simply go for it.

Fueled with an inner fire, you gather courage and fortitude to face a challenge that lies ahead, whatever the size and flavour.

You know you can at least attempt your best efforts.

Investing in your happiness is far less than maintaining a car, a mortgage payment, or a vacation.

Learning the tools to be happier lasts a lifetime.

You are SO worth it!



One and two hour sessions $199* per hour includes HST

Three hour Introductory Self-Discovery workshops $579* for the first workshop includes HST

One day intensive Personal Growth or Individual Relationship Patterns Workshops $899* for 5 hour workshops includes HST

Two day intensive Self-Discovery Or Individual Relationship Patterns Workshops $1,799* for 10 hour workshops includes HST

PayPal, credit cards and Canadian email interac transfers are accepted as payment and due at time of scheduling.

* HST is included in all fees. Extended health benefits do not cover these sessions.

Your PRIVATE program will be scheduled and tailored to your needs.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for pre paid scheduled session, however they can be rescheduled within 6 months of original canceled date.