Meaningful connection

Meaningful connection with another is essential for healthy thriving relationships.

Ideally this includes being seen, heard, appreciated, respected, loved, accepted, celebrated, and offering the same in return.

Sometimes it’s not so easy to experience or so natural to practise these ideals. Life stresses and misunderstanding interfere.

You get into a rut. Feelings fester. It’s really uncomfortable.

Do you need some support to candidly and compassionately explore the issues that won’t go away? Help with heartaches that need some TLC or repair?

The good news

The good news is you don’t have to keep stumbling along on your own.

Even better news is communication solutions are much closer than you might think.

Private Sessions focus only on what you care to shed light on.

Sessions are custom tailored to your specific needs and intend to serve the recovery of health and joy in your relationship.

You’ll leave with clear understanding of your relationship dynamic.

And new effective tools with which to meaningfully relate to each other.

Come for a couple of hours to get a good introduction for the support that’s possible, and experience some immediate relief.

Then dig in to a multi hour package commitment to deeply and intimately rediscover each other while your relationship gets a much needed tune up.



When your partnership is not working as well as you’d like it is worth seeking professional help and attention.

What is more important than the health of your most intimate relationship?

Investing in your happiness is far less than maintaining a car, putting on a wedding, going on a honeymoon, and a fraction of an avoidable or unpleasant divorce.

You are SO worth it!!


COUPLES: One and two hour sessions $299* per hour includes HST

COUPLES one day intensive Relationship Patterns Workshop 5 hour workshop $1399* includes HST

COUPLES two day intensive Relationship Patterns Workshop 10 hour workshop $2,699* includes HST

Multi day retreats for individuals, couples and private groups. Please email for rates.

Cash, interac transfers and credit cards are accepted as payment and due at time of scheduling.

* HST is included in the fees. Extended health benefits do not cover these sessions.

Your PRIVATE program is scheduled and tailored to your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds for session services, however they can be rescheduled within 6 months of original canceled date.