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Are you searching?

Are you searching for something? Perhaps it's an answer, or you are feeling stuck, or need clarity. Maybe you seek a change, want to improve a relationship, or feel better about yourself.

You could use some support, a bit of a break, some 'ME' time, so you can reflect, feel, breath freely again. You are longing for forward motion on so many levels.

You could really use some insight, self-awareness, options that feel healthy, comfortable and most important, reflect your true self, not the roles of mom, sister, daughter, spouse, partner, co-worker, care taker, rescuer...

Self-Care is about more than getting a monthly pedicure, or massage, more than a trip away or a shopping spree. Beyond these fun options of what look like self-care is the need to nurture your emotional life.

Lots of areas in your life may feel like they are OK, and yet there's a restlessness, a loneliness, questions like:

  • Where did my self-confidence go?
  • What is my life all about?
  • Is this all there is?
  • How can I feel better, happier, more at peace?

The good news is expertly designed program options are available to help you figure things out and feel better. Find true well being.

Masterfully facilitated by Happiness Specialist, Laila Ghattas, who has been successfully practising in the Healing Arts for over 26 years. Laila has training and extensive experience in Gestalt Therapy, Expressive Art and Usui Reiki.

These personal growth modalities are uniquely combined into proven programs that have helped seekers around the world gain fundamental insight, tools and shifts that improve the quality of life in lasting, deeply satisfying ways.

About Laila

Laila Ghattas is a Happiness Specialist who has helped thousands of individuals & couples to find their own answers.

Laila expertly weaves creativity, Reiki, intuition and insight into self-discovery programs that deliver profound personal growth. Her richly textured vocation as an artist, writer, Gestalt therapist, Reiki practitioner, group facilitator, public speaker and fabric/clothing designer deeply satisfies her path to serve.

Recognizing the chronic state of insecurity many endure, Laila designs inspiring self-confidence solution programs for individuals and couples.

Responding to the epidemic of body image issues, she recently launched her esteem nurturing brand: Laila Goddess- flattering styles for all body types created in Bali from her signature, hand-printed fabrics.

Each winter Laila is Bali bound and blessed with the spiritual tapestry of Balinese Hinduism. The wisdom and insight gleaned from ancient mystical traditions beats at the heart of all she creates and shares.

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